Unleash Some Creativity

While listening to NPR today, I came across a great new computer game that makes you work out problems and channel your inner physicist. Called Crayon Physics Deluxe, it transforms your doodles into integral parts of the game and challenges you to use your own ideas in solving the problems. No loud music, no chasing, no body counts. Just a screen that looks like a piece of paper and your “crayons”. Inspired by the classic book “Harold and the Purple Crayon”, the game’s designer took over a year and a half (in between going to school) to complete the game. And what a gem it is. It’s a deceptively simple-looking game that exercises your creativity muscles. There’s a free demo version to try first. It’s worth a look.


One thought on “Unleash Some Creativity

  1. Ah, yes! I wondered if you had heard about this. I was planning on emailing you about it but then just posted it to FB instead, figuring that you would get it that way. I should have known that you would have been listening to NPR, too….


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