Click, click. Who’s There?

I just recently discovered Google Analytics and find that it has changed how I view the internet in general. I heard about it as I’ve been setting up the business website and researching web tools. This one (another freebie from our friends at Google) tracks all of the visits to your website and offers up an array of information and details that left me slack-jawed. The handy report will dish out: how many visits there were to your website, how long each visitor stayed, which pages they navigated to, how they got to your site, which browser they used, whether they have visited before, where they are(!). OK, maybe I was a little naive about this, but I was really surprised by the amount of information that can be collected and analyzed and used for…what? Marketing, targeting, perfecting websites to lure consumers like a cyber-Svengali? Well, let this be a warning to any of you that are still as clueless as I used to be: your every click is being counted by somebody.


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