Instructables: DIY Heaven

I came across this website a while ago. At the time, I had just finished one of those 100-CD packs and couldn’t bring myself to just throw away the empty holder, or even recycle it. It just looked like it could be turned into something, but I didn’t know what. Google to the rescue(!) and I discovered several things that I could make with that container (more about that below). In truth, the bigger discovery was Instructables, a platform for DIYers to share their ideas, their triumphs and their creativity. Now, whenever I see something that I think could (or should) be given a second life, I search the Instructables for inspiration. Got an empty Altoids tin? You could make a Rubber-Band Boat. Or an Emergency Candle. A Guitar? Yep.

It’s also entertaining to just browse, marveling at what people will come up with. I’ll probably never make a Rubik’s Cube out of dice, but it’s nice to think that someone out there has figured out how.

So what did I make with my empty CD holder? I could have made a fishing line holder, an earring rack, or a flower pot. In the end I made a toilet paper dispenser for my friends’ cabin in the woods. It holds their toilet paper off the ground and dry, perfect right next to their bucket toilet.

Take a few minutes and browse for yourself. Let me know what is your favorite Instructable!


2 thoughts on “Instructables: DIY Heaven

  1. Thank you so much for the link to Instructables! It’s always nice to find surprise links to the site on the internet we were unaware of.

    I took a look at the soaps you make, and I’m quite impressed! We have a few soap instructables on the website, but I think some like yours would make an amazing addition to our site. (Linking back to your store in the instructable is a kinda perk to making one.)

    To get to your question, as I work here, I find I’m kind of biased, but I can usually find most of my favorites contained in the guides people make.

    Thank you again for the link, and I hope you might post some instructions on our website that lets us know the step-by-step process you use to make it!


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