The HSMG Conference Inspires Me!

Whew! What a busy week I had! I was in Palm Springs last week attending the Annual Conference of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild: 3 days of soap talk, business talk and hot weather! It was quite a switch from my usual days of being a one-woman soap business in temperate Northern California. But what an invigorating switch it was! I have returned home with renewed enthusiasm and a long list of ideas, suggestions and to-do’s. Look for some changes coming to the Sirona Springs website that will hopefully make it a little easier to shop there.

I’ll be describing more about the meeting all this week (I didn’t even have time to blog during the meeting!).

One of many great presentations was given by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, leader of the Indie Beauty Network, a business organization helping small, independent businesses succeed. She explained that new internet technologies like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube have leveled the media playing field. Small business owners now have just as much access to their customers as do newspapers and magazines, and mostly for FREE!

She gave me some great ideas (Twitter: here I come!) and her organization is a powerful force, supporting and shaping our industry. It was a thrill to hear her take on this brave, new world of technology media!


One thought on “The HSMG Conference Inspires Me!

  1. Glad you learned a ton from Donna Maria, her sessions are always very informative and fun. 🙂

    Thanks for coming, we hope to see you in Denver.

    Leigh O’Donnell
    HSMG Conference Coordinator

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