Summer School That You WANT To Attend

The Nova Studio has just posted its new schedule of classes for the summer (and into September)! Lori Nova owns and runs this inviting space where both students and teachers are encouraged to get creative and share their artistic passions. This is the place to BE for learning to make lotions, herbal extracts, soap, facial masks, jewelry, soap, bath bombs, prints and transfers, soap, body butters…(did I mention soap? I’m a little biased.) But instead of reading all the classes here, just go to the class calendars yourself and marvel at the variety listed there!

I’m particularly biased about soap because I will start teaching soapmaking there myself this summer! For the beginner, there is Cold Process Soap 101. Whether you have never made soap using the cold process, or you have a few batches under your belt, this class will help you get organized, get outfitted with everything you need, and get SOAPING!

The other class that I will be teaching is Advanced Cold Process Soap Design with Loaf Molds, a foray into the various ways in which you can make your soap unique and eye-catching! We’ll cover layers, swirls, embedding shapes and more.

So learn and create something new this summer, whether at The Nova Studio, or your local adult school, community college or public library. Keep the creative juices flowing and express your artistic passions!


One thought on “Summer School That You WANT To Attend

  1. hi ruth! thanks for the blog post! i'm SO excited about you teaching here. we've been planning for at least the past 6 months and it's finally happening :). i've learned so much from you over the last year at the google soapers groups and am very impressed with your experience with different colors and all the fascinating techniques you've tried. the funnel swirl is my favorite i think, followed by the diagonal layers and the embeds. these techniques really kick up the look of our soap and take it to the next level (more creative for people who like that aspect of melt & pour). can't wait for your first class on august 22.

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