Certified as a Soapmaker!

Among all of the fun at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Annual Conference was also a little bit of work. While at the conference, I was able to take the certification exam given by the Guild, and have thus been dubbed a “Certified Soapmaker” of cold process and hot process soap! All of those who became certified received their certificates at the last night’s Award Dinner from the Guild President Marie Gale. This was a nice, tangible symbol of all that I have learned lately about soapmaking and running a business. And it makes me feel so “official”!

Check out all of the happy Certified Soapmakers.


3 thoughts on “Certified as a Soapmaker!

  1. Was it challenging? I have been making soap for over 2 years now and have only done cold process, but have read about hot process. I have a website selling my handmade soap http://www.soulsticesoaps.com and wanted to bring up my credibility by getting the same certification you are talking about. Was it worth it to get the certification, why or why not and do you think it helped build your credibility among shoppers? Thanks for your input!

    • It wasn’t too hard, Brittany. It basically tests knowledge that you should have if you really understand the soapmaking process. There are study materials on the Guild website that help you get ready. And I think that it does add credibility. Once you are ceritified, you can add a little banner to your website. I think the Guild has a table top version also, if you sell your soap in person. I can’t think of any down sides! Good luck!

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