DIY iPhone Stands

There are few things that make my heart pitter-patter more than a nifty DIY idea. (See this post about Instructables as proof.) So when I came across not one, but two different DIY iPhone/iPod Touch stands in the same week, I just had to share.

The first one is made of paper and comes from Dessine Moi Un Objet. The template is available to download on the blog, along with a very helpful video/tutorial. I love this design because it’s made with just one piece of paper (not even any tape or glue!) and it even has a space for the little charger cord to fit. Brilliant!


For something super easy and quick, try this version using a paper clip. Dean and Ying wrote up some very detailed instructions for this sleek little stand.


It even works as a handy camera tripod!


Thanks to Photojojo for pointing me in the direction of this nifty use for a common office supply.

Have you come up with any clever ways to hold up your iPhone/iPod Touch?


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