Lots of new soap in our store

It’s been a week of packaging and restocking soap around here. Some favorites are available again and some new soaps are making their debut!


Oakmoss is back again! This is a favorite of a certain male customer of mine and now he can rest assured that his stash is on its way to his home. 🙂

PA023842After a long hiatus, Honeycomb is back and reformulated to include goat’s milk. It makes the lather sooo creamy.

PA023786And Sunny Lemon has had a bit of a facelift, jazzing up the design a bit, but leaving the bright, lemony scent.

PA023854The newest addition to the lineup is Garden Party. Everyone that smelled this in the “testing” phase loved it. It’s definitely floral but has a bit of a kick. Very modern.

PA023810And for the fruit lovers I have Fruity Bits, a sweet mix of berries, citrus and pineapple. This one is a Limited Edition and won’t be back once it’s all gone so don’t dawdle if you like those fruity scents.


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