Getting ready for the Holidays with Gift Sets

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Don’t look now, but that crazy time of year is barrelling down on us! It can get so hectic: decorating the house, planning the festivities, hosting the guests, traveling to the in-laws, shopping for gifts… Wait! Before you run off in a panic, take a deep breath and check out the new Gift Sets I just added to the Sirona Springs website. I’ve put these together to make all of our lives a little bit easier this time around.


Each set includes a bar of our handmade soap plus either a solid wooden soap dish (the perfect dish for helping handmade soap last longer) or a natural sisal soap bag (never lose a soap sliver down the drain again!). They make the perfect present for the mother-in-law who’s having you over for Thanksgiving; your kids’ teachers and coaches; that Secret Santa name you pulled out of the hat; clients, customers and co-workers.

And I have made it so easy for you: the sets come already wrapped in a pretty, sheer organza bag! Just make up your list, choose which set you’d like to give and which kind of soap to include. When you get the sets, add a little sentiment to the gift tags (also included!) and BOOM! you’re done! Kick back, have a relaxing beverage of your choice and pat yourself on the back for being so smart this year!


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