Soap Design Class

Last week we had another great group of soapmakers at The Nova Studio to learn how to spruce up their soap design. I took pictures of the results today (since I finally got my camera back).

First, I showed how to make this vertically layered soap with a swirl. This may be my favorite technique. I love how delicately the swirls turn out.

Is anyone else reminded of a lava lamp with this “In-the-pot swirl” technique?

There are tons of options for shapes that can be embedded in soap.

The funnel swirl technique always results in some interesting bars. It’s a very modern, graphic look.

Now I will say “Bon Voyage” to these as I pack them up and ship them away to the students in my class. But I’ll always have my pictures! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Soap Design Class

  1. WOW! well done Ruth! it’s hard to believe how each batch is more beautiful than the next! they are really amazing. i bet you are having a hard time parting with them (i would!). thank you for sharing your talents with us! :o)

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