When one batch is not enough…

One of my resolutions for this year is to get more efficient in my soapmaking. I always feel so bad when I run out of stock, especially on customer favorites. So I’ve ordered some more molds and I’ve started pouring twice as much soap at a time as I used to. This way I use the same amount of time in production, but end up with twice as much product. I tried this out recently with a batch of Yuzu soap.

And then again with some Chocolate Espresso. I felt SO clever. And since I have four of these molds, I could even double that and make months-worth of soap in one day. Sweet. Now I just need a faster way of cutting all that soap into bars. Hmm.


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5 thoughts on “When one batch is not enough…

  1. Thanks Ruth. Your soaps are truly BEAUTIFUL! I’m just learning myself and am in “soap making research” coma right now. I’ve been reading for the last several days, minus a couple hours sleep a night.

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