Donate your soap to Haiti and help save lives!

The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild is partnering with Clean The World to help spread the word about this charity that recycles soap, lotion and shampoo from hotels and individuals and redistributes it to areas in the world where maintaining proper hygiene can be a struggle. Haiti is one of these places.

Clinical studies have shown that the simple practice of washing one’s hands with bar soap can reduce deaths from such diseases as pneumonia and cholera by 60%.

Here’s my donation: 10 pounds of soap!

If you make soap, consider donating any bars that maybe don’t look so great or have lost their scent, but are still fine soap. If you don’t make soap, you can still make a monetary donation that will help Clean The World deliver these much needed supplies around the world.

You can find lots more details about the partnership on the HSMG’s blog.

7 thoughts on “Donate your soap to Haiti and help save lives!

  1. I’m getting my box together now Ruth. I have to say, yours is much more colorful and beautiful than mine! hopefully the soaps will bring not only health, but also some smiles 🙂

    • Thanks, Staci! And please note everyone, that the address above that Staci listed is relatively new and the one to use right now. Some sites or stories may have another, older address.

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