My new soap cutter!

My number one resolution this year was to become more efficient in my soapmaking. I need to decrease the amount of time it takes me to make soap, so that I have more time to sell soap, and follow up on all the ideas that are constantly swimming in my head.

To that end, I just got a new soap log cutter from! I am so excited about it! It’s kind of like a giant hard-boiled egg slicer. It will cut an entire log of soap in one swift stroke: BOOM! 15 bars of soap! Until now, I’ve been cutting each bar, one at a time. I never minded that exactly, but recently I’ve been feeling impatient. This new cutter will help this part of soapmaking move along quite nicely.I had a chance to use it recently. (Who am I kidding? As soon as I heard that it had shipped, I purposely made a batch of soap just so I’d have something to cut as soon as it arrived!) It’s quite sturdy; the base is thick HDPE plastic and the rest of the cutter is enamel-coated metal. This thing could easily last several lifetimes. And as promised, just one smooth motion down and I had the entire log cut into beautiful, even bars. I felt like such a professional soapmaker all of a sudden. This cutter did not disappoint.

I’ll be demonstrating (ok, “showing off”) my new cutter this Saturday at The Nova Studio during my introductory Cold Process Soapmaking 101 Class. It’s not every soapmaker that will end up getting one of these, but it sure will be fun to show students the possibilities!


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