Pandora Radio – when you absolutely have to work at your desk!

Between getting prepared for teaching my soapmaking classes recently and taking advantage of our recent spring weather (look at all the pretty color blooming in my garden right now!), I have been ignoring those pesky chores that keep me at the computer. Bookkeeping, tax preparation, website maintenance (yes, even blogging) have all been ignored lately.

It’s time to get back in front of the screen and get done some of what I call “sit down” work. And one of my favorite ways to make these chores a bit more bearable is to listen to Pandora Radio!

Yes, I’m listening to it right now!

It’s like your own internet radio station that plays only what you like. You just tell Pandora what you like to listen to; a song, a band, a singer. And Pandora will play that, sure. But it will also play songs and bands that are similar to your favorites. It’s a great way for old fogies like me to hear what we like and discover new music, too!

And it helps maintain the sanity during those long hours of sorting through receipts and invoices.  *sigh*  Back to the pile, I guess…

Have you tried Pandora yet? What keeps you sane when you’re forced to be in front of the computer?

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