Endless Color Possibilities with Pop! Micas

Micas are one of my favorite colorants for soap. And the ones I find myself reaching for time and again are in the Pop! line of micas from TKB Trading. They are available as a mica powder and as a liquid. Whether for cold process or “melt and pour” clear soap, Pop! micas always give me bright, predictable color that is easy to use. You can see what I mean in our Raspberry Cream, Fruity Bits and Limewood bars.

Blend for new colors
Another great characteristic of these micas is that they match the color wheel. That means that you can blend them together like painters would do to get countless different colors. I consider myself a bit color-challenged (I always keep my cardboard color wheel around when designing a new soap).  But these colorants blend so nicely, even I have found myself broadening my color world, mixing a little raspberry mica into my lemon mica on occasion.

Free Recipe Book!
Imagine my excitement when I recently discovered TKB Trading’s free downloadable e-book “Coloring Soap with Liquid Pop Micas”! It offers recipes for over 70 colors blended with the basic Pop! colors. And it includes photos of the colors in clear and opaque soap. I feel so much more confident now. The recipes give me a good idea of how the colors blend and some great starting points for getting exactly the colors that I imagine.

Here's a color that I'm dying to try!

Go for the Gold! (or the celery green or the coral blue…)
I suggest the sample packs of Pop! micas as a great way to try all the colors and give blending your own a try. If you only make cold process soap, be aware that the Strawberry Pop does morph. But the Raspberry Pop is a similar color and stays true in the high pH of cold processing. If you use “melt and pour” soap, you’ll love the shimmer of these micas, an added bonus that really shines in clear soap! However you use them, they are definitely worth a try if you are looking for bright color in your handmade soap!

Do you use Pop! Micas from TKB Trading? I’d love to see any photos! Just include a link in the comments section.


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