Latest soap on the curing rack…

Here is what I’ve been busy with lately!

This is a new variety of soap bar that will really brighten up your bath! The cheery checkerboard pattern of Pearberry seems to really suit its scent: so tart and fruity and bright, it makes my mouth water when I sniff it. And yes, the color really is that bright. If this soap doesn’t wake you up in the morning, nothing will!

I was getting low on Smoky Sandalwood and so jumped at the chance to make some more. I love this scent: woody, smoldering and rich. And it incorporates some great earthy colors, too.

Both of these batches are curing and will be ready in about four weeks.

And just a little reminder: making art is never pretty (but it can be fun)! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Latest soap on the curing rack…

    • Thanks, Lori! Yes, I will be talking about this pattern: it’s a variation on the vertical layering technique that I demonstrate in the Advanced Design class.

  1. Hi there,
    Beautiful Soaps… Can you tell me how you pour the checkerboard soap… Is there a divider and are you pouring at a heavy trace..
    I am stumped:)

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi! Thank you.
      Yes, I use a divider in the mold, pour one half of each color first, and then switch and pour the other color over that first layer.

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