Fourth of July Soap

So I’ve been uber-busy making lots of soap for our first fair – our local 4th of July Fair. Remember, cold process soap takes at least 4 weeks to cure, so I had to really think ahead and plan this out. At least with the soap part. The other little details can come later.

And of course, I had to make some Independence Day-themed soap. Behold my Stars and Stripes soap! (Or as my son called it, “Stars and Swirls”.) It came out just as I had planned. Although, for a time there, I wasn’t sure. I took the bold move of making this soap with a lovely new scent reminiscent of summer: blackberries, plums and a little vanilla. Like pie Γ  la mode.

That’s right: I said the scent was new to me. Meaning that I had never made soap with this particular fragrance before. This is usually just asking for trouble and one of those things that experienced soapmakers warn you against doing (but secretly do themselves anyway). Sometimes, fragrances just don’t behave: they can affect the texture, or end up smelling not quite the same as they started, or change the color of the soap. So when I added this fragrance to the white part of my soap and it immediately turned yellow(!), I just sighed, went ahead with the plan and figured that yellow wasn’t so terrible (ah, denial) and that the overall design would still carry the day. But, behold! Once the soap was firm enough to cut, the yellow had disappeared, and I am left with exactly what I wanted. Vindication!

I’m going to be taking a little break this weekend and enjoy some time with my family and friends. It won’t be too long before I have to get back to my “Fair To-Do list”, but for now it’s all good. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Soap

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