Learning More about Cosmetic Ingredients

It’s the sad truth of the Internet Age: you can’t believe everything on the web. Whether it’s a Nigerian prince emailing you for a little help, or a story covered by the Chinese media about the US Congress demanding a new Capitol Building, it’s easy to be fooled. It takes a bit of work to double-check statements and confirm reports with a reputable source. And if the story is complicated (like the link between “chemicals” and cancer), you may feel like you need a PhD to tease out the truth from the slant.

That’s why I was so glad to hear about the recent launch of PersonalCareTruth.com, a website dedicated to delivering scientifically-based information on ingredients used in personal care products. According to the website:

Personal Care Truth is not about scare tactics, generalizations, fear mongering, or hopping aboard what’s considered trendy at the moment. Personal Care Truth is about education, facts, questions, research, sharing knowledge, and empowering consumers to make the choice that’s right for their families.

You’ll find articles by experts in the field and lots of links to help you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Learn about ingredients, legislation, and the regulation of personal care products. No hype. No nightmare scenarios. Just information based on good science.

I would encourage anyone who is concerned with the products they use to do a bit of their own legwork and not count on only one source. When making decisions about something as important as your family’s health, it pays to dig a bit deeper. PersonalCareTruth.com is one good source of reliable information that you can use in your own research.

Which product ingredients are the most concerning to you?

Have you found any useful websites that give you good information? Please leave a comment with the link so that we can all learn from each other!

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