Jam Jar Terrarium

Even when I’m not making soap, I always feel like I have to make something. (It’s a blessing, and a curse.) So last weekend I made these cute little terrariums (terraria?) out of empty jam jars.

Jam Jar Terrarium

I’ve been noticing lately that terrariums are a bit of a fad. They keep popping up on blogs that I read, and even Modern Mouse (a local gift shop that carries our soap) has tiny terrariums like these made by Tortoise Loves Donkey.

A tutorial I read recently for a light bulb terrarium really inspired me. But, having no burned out light bulbs (mostly curly fluorescents at our house) and LOTS of empty jam jars, I decided to clear off my kitchen windowsill and make room for my little friends.
Jam Jar Terrarium

I was done in about 30 minutes, including the time it took for me to hunt around my garden for just the right little bit of plant to snip and insert into its new home. I just layered some clean sand into each jar, then added some fresh potting mix and moistened. Chopsticks were handy for poking in the little plants. I used some Scotch moss, a bit of Sedum rubrotinctum (Pork and Beans plant) and some Sempervivum tectorum (Hen and Chicks plant). Some pebbles and found seashells round out the decor. You’ll notice that one of the jars I planted sideways, reminiscent of the light bulb terrarium.Jam Jar Terrarium

I’m very happy with them. They add so much life to the windowsill. All it took was some reused glass jars, some common plant supplies and cuttings from things I already had growing at home anyway.  These would make great little gifts, or a nice way to bring a little green to a drab work desk!


26 thoughts on “Jam Jar Terrarium

  1. Ruth, I love these too and your terrariums turned out super cool. I’d love to take your advance cp class to learn how to properly get the whipped top. may i ask where did you get your silicone lined mold?

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Your blog is just so fresh and bright! Best of luck at your faire.

    My late husband was an invited artist back in the day to the San Francisco Art Festival held right out front of City Hall! Ah we were hippies, shock! He had a lovely 100 year old bakery case with the curved glass front, a bit of velvet and then the jewelry.

    Being a tag along and not a jeweler or artist, I made sea shells with succulents in them. The miniature gardens were for display and soon I was peddling them! Fun times!

    Maybe take one jam jar for display at the faire the green contrast would look nice perhaps.

    Best of luck, your beautiful soaps will do well I’m sure!

    • Hi Pam,
      Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for sharing those great memories. Bringing some green to my table with terrarium(s) at the fair is a great idea! Mahalo!

  3. Ok Ruth, you keep amazing me (and entertaining me) with your blog posts. So these are absolutely adorable. Before soap & The Nova Studio consumed my entire life, I once had other interests like gardening.

    If we didn’t get rid of any & all non-bath & body related classes years ago, I would be asking you right here & now to do a class on these. But since that goes against my mission statement (to offer classes in other areas), maybe i’ll ask if you want to do a “fun” night at the studio and we can make a bunch of these. Everyone can bring clipping from their garden (or a neighbors garden). The jam jars are perfect for those who eat a lot of jam (like me), but I also have a ton (literally) of those beautiful 12 ounce glass jars, with the cork-style neck (no corks though) – and they would be PERFECT for a terrarium. Just the right size & sturdy/heavy glass. Maybe we should start a side business? The Terrarium Studio? Give me a call 😉

    • Those glass jars of yours are perfect! We should consider doing it in a few weeks as the days get longer, so they will grow more quickly. But a “side business”? Now who’s entertaining? 🙂

  4. You are such a talented lady! These are perfectly adorable! Before I read the Lori’s post I thought, “how perfect would those jam jars that Lori has at the Nova Studio be for this project!” LOL! Great project and beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks, Joan. You’re right, but check out “air plants” online. They’re not very expensive and look great in a terrarium. Or you can just start saving your jars for the spring! 🙂

  5. beautiful! thank you for explaining this in an easy-to-understand way, even for the person without a green thumb. thumbs up!

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