Getting all the “Market Gear”

We’ve been busy this weekend getting ready for next week’s 4th of July Fair! I finished packaging all the soap (including the bars that I made especially for the occasion) and printed out the signage, just before the printer decided that it was going to have a nervous breakdown. (This I did not need right now, but I’ll deal with it.)

But the best part of this has been getting those little things that really make me feel like a real vendor, like my new market apron!  It was made by Yoopers, a great vendor I found on My apron is really well made, with lots of pockets for pens, change and business cards. And even a clip for keys! And I love the fabric: cheery but sophisticated. It’s going to be great using it at the fair!Market Apron

4 thoughts on “Getting all the “Market Gear”

    • That’s a great connection that you made about new things and the first day of school. I get the feeling I’m be learning a lot at this fair!

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