Much to learn at The Bath and Body Business Boot Camp!

It was “Back to School” time for me last weekend when I spent four days at The Nova Studio learning everything I need to grow my business at the Bath and Body Business Boot Camp. Marla Bosworth of Back Porch Soap Company covered lots of helpful topics from how to start a business in the first place (legalities, business plans and startup costs) to differentiating your business from the competition, to being successful at trade shows. I saw a world of possibilities open up for all of the students there, fourteen women from all over the country, ready to take control of their futures. It was so inspiring!

I had my notebook, handouts and laptop all ready for class!

But it wasn't all "book learnin'"! Marla showed us how easy it is to make these lovely aromatherapy home fragrance products that can really boost your profit margin!

Here we all are: ready to put Marla's great advice into action! Want to follow these entrepreneurs? Click on the photo to go over to Back Porch Soap Company's Facebook page and find out what some of us are already doing to get our businesses growing!

Marla brought years of retail and marketing experience with her to teach this Business Boot Camp. She was so gracious in sharing it all and I felt so fortunate to be able to learn so much from her. Onward and upward!


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