Tips for making your product photos shine!

Summer Stars Handmade Soap

With an online store, the photo is king. Since a customer can’t actually pick up and feel and admire a product, the photos have to allow her to do all that virtually. So having product photos that are clear and inviting is paramount.


Those of you with online stores who are unhappy with your photos might find some help at Table Top Studio‘s How-To pages. I just discovered they have a wealth of tutorials and tips on lighting and photographing everything from coins to Swarovski crystals. This page on getting a white background alone is priceless. (I figured out some of these techniques by trial and error. Oh, the time I could have saved myself if I had found this site sooner!)

Table Top Studio also sells lots of photography equipment and kits. I’ve never purchased from them, but it’s worth a look.

Do you have any tips on making product photos look their best? Leave a comment below and share!


4 thoughts on “Tips for making your product photos shine!

  1. An inexpensive yet very important tool is a trifold white board. I use two of them. One for the foundation and one for the backdrop. You can pick them up a virtually any store. Look for Tri-Fold Display boards. You can then build your display on the boards. The white helps to bounce light for more fill.

    • Right, Anne-Marie. And that’s the struggle, isn’t it? At least we have cameras for letting customers see the product. Describing a scent is SO much more difficult!

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