New naturally-scented soap!

As I started thinking about blogging about my latest soap additions, it struck me that all my new soaps are scented with essential oils. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I guess I’ve just been exploring my options lately.

Savanna Handmade Soap

I've mentioned Savanna before briefly. I first made this soap over two years ago on a whim. Then a friend of mine found it in my stash and gave it to her mother. I couldn't resist when her mom asked me to make more, and soon lots of other people wanted some, too. It's now a regular part of the line-up.

Rainfresh Handmade soap

Rainfresh was a blend that I first came up with for a soap swap for The Nova Studio's 7th Anniversary Party last September. This time, I'm the one that fell in love with this one and so I'll keep making it, if only for myself!

Orange Spice Handmade Soap

Orange Spice is available only for the Holidays, so don't dawdle if you want this one. Sweet orange, cinnamon and clove. Mmmmmm.

4 thoughts on “New naturally-scented soap!

  1. Ruth – Your “Rainfresh” soap is wonderful! You’re not the only one in love with it. I didn’t know the name of it (since your label said “Happy Anniversary to The Nova Studio”) and couldn’t figure out exactly what it was scented with… but my husband & I both LOVE the scent (so it’s unisex). Nice job on the blend!

    • So glad you and Mike like it! Thanks for letting me know. When I made the label for the Anniversary Party that soap didn’t have a name. It was only later, when I decided to make more, that I had to come up with one.

  2. I’ve been having a good time experimenting with blending myself – lots of fragrance oils and essential oils. I did one I was pretty happy about the other day – Egyptian Rose Geranium, Lavender EO and Orange 10X EO. I did it as a 3 layer soap and it was nummy.

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