“The Art of Soap”: Perfect for the soap lover on your gift list

If you have a soap lover on your gift list but you want to avoid giving the predictable present (more soap) this holiday season, “The Art of Soap” is a sure-fire winner.

Edited by Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove, “The Art of Soap” is filled with the stories and musings of 24 soap artisans, folks that bring their own unique sense of art to something that is often seen as being only a practicality. Soap, in the hands of these makers, is a medium for expression.

There are a lot of books out there that tell you how to make soap. But until now, I had never seen one that really celebrated the creative possibilities of soapmaking. The book is filled with gorgeous full-color photographs of soap that is inspiring and sometimes just downright unbelievable (soap that looks like buttered toast with jam? Really!).

Along with the beautiful soap are essays written by the soapmakers. It was so interesting to read about all the different paths that have brought these artists to their art. But it was also fascinating to note the commonalities that led them to making soap, like the desire for more natural skin care or the search for a hobby. Reading their narratives felt like sitting down for a chat over coffee.

So, as a gift for someone looking for inspiration in their own soapmaking adventure, or for someone who loves using handcrafted soap (like you, I’m guessing), “The Art of Soap” is a great way to get soap out of the shower and onto the coffee table where it can be shared and enjoyed anytime!

Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with “The Art of Soap”, Soapylove or Debbie Chialtas (except that we know each other and I think she’s sooo talented), and I purchased my own copy of the book in this review. I just really liked this book! 🙂


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