Inspired by: Lemon Bars

You never know where or how inspiration will hit. On a roadtrip. At the supermarket. During a boring anthropology lecture.

For me recently it happened as I took a bite of the first lemon bar I had ever baked.

A friend had given us some Meyer lemons from her own tree. So I figured that this deserved doing something a bit more than squeezing a wedge into a vodka tonic.

I scoured the internets and found this most excellent recipe for Meyer Lemon Bars.

Yes, readers: they were luscious indeed. So luscious that it became imperative that I extend this delight into something that would not be devoured in the next 30 minutes.


A golden brown, buttery vanilla bottom layer topped by a lemon yellow layer, dusted with pearl white mica. And it smells. so. good.

So be sure to stay alert for inspiration. Or you may just eat it too quickly.

Want your own bar? These will be available on the store website in a few weeks. In the meantime, make the edible kind. You won’t be disappointed.


8 thoughts on “Inspired by: Lemon Bars

  1. Oooooo, we used to make lemon bars a lot more when I was growing up. I’m not sure I’ve ever made them for my girls! Perhaps that will be a project for later today, since we are off school (again!) for parent-teacher conferences.

  2. I loooove lemon dessserts! That lemon bar would totally look good on a little plate sitting in front of me after dinner tonight. But alas, there are no lemon bars in my house right now. 😉

    What a fun inspiration for soap though! Great idea dusting the top with white mica too, I’m sure it added a fun shimmery finish!

    • Thanks, Anne-Marie! You’re right. It doesn’t show up so well on the photo, but it was shimmery.
      And maybe you can try the lemon bar recipe some time soon. It’s a winner!

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