Hoping to get on Bramble Berry’s SOAP panel

One of my favorite soap suppliers, Bramble Berry, is asking for help with testing out some new fragrances that may make it into their great line-up. The founder, Anne-Marie Faiola, swears that for every fragrance they sell at least 100 others were tested and didn’t make the cut. That’s why I’m always confident in ordering supplies from Bramble Berry; they really know their products!

I’m hoping that I’ll be picked as a participant in Anne-Marie’s Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel. This time around she has some floral fragrance oils that need evaluating. Participants will receive the samples, test them in products, and then send in their findings. It feels just like my research lab days: experimenting, finding answers to unknowns, testing little bottles with only numbers on them…ooh, so scientific!

It would be great to feel like a part of this great business; kind of give a little bit back to a company that has helped me so much. Bramble Berry products are already a big part of my business. I’ll tell you all a little secret: one of my best-selling soaps, Blue Velvet, is scented with Bramble Berry’s Vetiver fragrance oil. It’s a great unisex fragrance that just about everybody likes from the first sniff. Vetiver was there when I launched my soap business, and now it feels like an old friend.

I’ll of course let you all know if I am selected (I won’t be able to contain myself). Either way though, you can follow the discussion of the testing results on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page as each participant shares his/her opinion.

2 thoughts on “Hoping to get on Bramble Berry’s SOAP panel

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