Bramble Berry’s mystery fragrances: First sniffs

The fragrances that I will be testing for the SOAP panel came today, and I had to stop everything and check them out! Luckily, I hadn’t yet started making my planned soap for the day, so I could take a little detour first. I pulled out my notebook, uncapped each one and noted my very first impressions of the scents right out of the bottle.

There are three different gardenia scents and seven other floral type scents. At first sniff, there’s only one that I’m feeling questionable about, and a couple that I could soon fall in love with!

But sniffing is only part of the story. Next I’ll try them out in some cold process soap, one of the harshest environments you can put a fragrance through. I’ll be looking for how easy it is to incorporate the fragrance oils into the soap, whether they alter the color of the soap, and how they smell in the end (the ultimate test!).

But first, I really must put these away and make the soap that I was planning already for today. (Note the self-restraint, kind readers. This is just killing me!)


4 thoughts on “Bramble Berry’s mystery fragrances: First sniffs

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