Soap Give-away on my Facebook Page!

While I love to update my readers here on my blog about what I’m up to, or what kind of soap I’m working on, I have to admit that I don’t post very often. For that I like to use my Facebook business page. I treat it like a mini-blog (not as “mini” as Twitter!) where I can quickly update fans on how my day is going, or what I have planned. And I love the easy interactions with other Facebookers.

Yesterday my page reached a milestone: over 300 “Likes”, or fans of the page who follow my latest on their News Feeds! It’s so nice to reach those numbers with all the zeros. ๐Ÿ™‚

To celebrate, I’m running a soap giveaway! Just register atย my Facebook page and I will randomly draw a winner of any soap bar in stock. You must have a Facebook account and “Like” my page to enter, and you’ll find all the details there. Good Luck!!

One thought on “Soap Give-away on my Facebook Page!

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