A Lovely Surprise

Look at what I found on my doorstep yesterday! Well, it was actually in a little cardboard box. But inside the box was this!

Four samples of some of Bramble Berry‘s best fragrance oils, a cute little bar mold and a lovely handwritten note from “Team Bramble Berry”. All to thank me for participating in the recent SOAP Panel.

Are they kidding? I loved every minute of it. I (maybe) would have paid them to let me participate. Getting this little surprise is just like sweet icing on a cute little cupcake. (Yes, that’s a blatant shout-out to Anne-Marie, owner of BB and lover of everything cupcake.)

Thanks, Team Bramble Berry!

By the way, those samples are Lavendar Chamomile Huggies (Type) (sweet baby smell!), Linden Blossom, Caramel Sundae and Sweet Meyer Lemon. If any of you soapmakers have any experience with these, I’d love to hear about it. I love them all right out of the bottle, and can’t wait to try them in cold process soap.


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