My website makeover

Sirona Springs websiteJust in case you missed the announcement over on my Facebook page or Twitter account, I unveiled my new website this week! And I love it!

I’m still using Big Cartel to host my store and shopping cart (because they make it so easy and keep adding cool features). Up until now, I had done all of the customization myself (that’s how easy it is). But I knew that for what I wanted to do, I just don’t have the know-how, and it was time to delegate. So I hired Matt Anderson at Tonka Park to install one of his templates and fine-tune it until it turned out to be just what I had in mind. Priceless!

Please check it out when you have a sec, and let me know what you think. All suggestions (and kudos) are welcome! 😉


8 thoughts on “My website makeover

  1. That is Big Cartel? Oh my god – your site is amazing!!! I would Love something that awesome! Well done to you and to Matt at Tonka Park!!! xo Jen

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