Spoon Swirl: A new technique

The internet has done a lot of great things for the world, like making it possible for all of us to see a cat drinking from a faucet. But one of the things that I love the most is that the internet has made it possible to learn from other soapmakers from all over the world that I could never meet otherwise.

The latest thing that I’ve learned is this technique making the rounds of soapmaker blogs and Facebook pages. It’s called the Spoon Swirl and was introduced all the way from France by Karine (aka “Ka fée”) from SoapSession. She made a video tutorial that could not be more clear or fun to watch. After watching that, be sure to read her blog post with photos of other spoon swirl soaps from all over the world!

In a nutshell, each color of soap is spooned into the mold, alternating, a bit at a time, slowly building up the layers. And this is what you get:

Spoon Swirl by Ka fée

Spoon Swirl soap by Ka fée

And here is my contribution:

Spoon Swirl

I chose the soft pastel colors because this batch is scented with a fragrance oil that smells just like Huggies diapers! This is the perfect scent for any baby shower soaps, or if you just like that soft, powdery smell. Many will find it comforting. Personally, it reminds me too much of middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Just can’t get over it. But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I really like this technique. It’s super easy and versatile. And makes me feel like a true “artiste” as I’m randomly spreading the soap around. Very Jackson Pollock. If Jackson Pollock had been a soapmaker. 🙂

UPDATE: These bars are now available on my website. I’ve named them Baby Love and they smell even better now than when I first made them! It’s still not my absolute favorite scent, but I’m liking it more and more. 😉


12 thoughts on “Spoon Swirl: A new technique

  1. Excellent! Not sure what the smell is like (nor have I changed nappies [diapers] in the middle of the night but great idea for baby showers! I love love love this technique but, as Amy says, better for smaller batches. Really excellent!

    • Thanks, Celine. The scent is from Bramble Berry and is described as Lavender and Chamomile, but there is also a lot of baby powder (talcum) smell. It’s soft and lovely, but just brings up “exhausting” memories. 😉

  2. These bars look AWESOME!! I order quite a bit of stuff from Bramble Berry, so I might have to give this scent a try too. It sounds nice.

  3. Hi Ruth,

    Great job. Those soaps look very artistic, and yes, very creatively liberating. It’s funny how certain aromas and fragrances can take you right back to experiences like changing diapers. That is funny.

    You really did a good job on your first attempt with Spoon Swirl. Thank you for letting us know about this soap making method!

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