A soap for swapping

I’ve been blending essential oils lately, something that I really like to do, but don’t tend to do often enough. I was inspired by the soap swap going on at The Nova Studio’s Anniversary Party in a couple weeks. If you are local, I highly recommend stopping by for the party. There will be goody bags, lots of demonstrations, crafts that you can “make and take”, and great door prizes!

So today I made a batch of soap that will be entered into the soap swap going on during the party. There’s still room for anyone else that wants to join. You just need to bring 10 bars of the same kind of soap. It’s a great way to share your soap and also try soap from other talented soapmakers!

This one is scented with a blend of essential oils that I came up with yesterday: bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit and vetiver. I’ve recently discovered bergamot and just love it! I poured it into the divided vertical mold from Bramble Berry that I posted about before, and swirled it with a dowel. Oh, waiting to cut is the hardest part of making soap! (Or is it waiting for it to finish curing? Waiting is just hard.)

I’m also planning a different way of packaging. I won’t shrinkwrap these since they won’t be completely cured and still a bit too soft. I’ll post photos once they are ready.

Anybody already planning on being at the party?


5 thoughts on “A soap for swapping

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