No wasted soap! Use up those soapmaking scraps

I hate wasting soap. But it’s not unusual to find myself with some leftovers or bits of soap laying about, mocking me, taunting me, daring me to do something before they start to multiply and take over my storage space.

So it was recently when I found myself with some bits of soap leftover from some other projects. Remember these?

Well here are some of the black and green bits that I had leftover. Perfectly good soap that could not go to waste. And it just so happens that I had a new fragrance that I wanted to try out. (Other soapmakers will totally get the unstated sarcasm in that last statement. We always have some new fragrance that we want to try out!)

A little slicing, a little embedding and I came up with this:

This is a technique that I teach in my Soap Design Class at The Nova Studio. Basically, I take bits of soap that I already made, make a fresh batch of soap, and push the bits into the soap right after I pour it into the mold. Once it hardens up, I cut it into bars and reveal the inserted soap! Surprise!

This batch is scented with an essential oil blend similar to Lush’s “Karma”. If you like patchouli, this is your bar, baby! It’s earthy and dark, but with a tartness that comes from the citrus and pine that’s blended in. It’s a good balance.

This technique of embedding soap even works for those bars that you think don’t look so good. (Ok, I mean the really fugly ones.) It’s amazing how just one little slice or chunk of something horrid can look pretty cool when placed in a new bar!

Have you ever embedded some leftovers? Feel free to post a link to your photo in the comments. I’d love to see it!


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