Swallowable Parfum – The Ultimate in Customization

Ever seen customized soaps? They’re very popular for weddings or baby showers. How about customized perfume? It’s not just for celebrities, you know. There are various companies and perfumers that you can hire to blend a perfume just for you.

But in the works right now is what may be the ultimate in perfume customization: a perfume that you swallow, digest and then release through your pores as you sweat. As the inventors put it, your skin becomes “a platform, an atomizer”. The more you perspire, the more scent is released. And since each person will process the perfume differently, it will emit a “genetically unique scent”.

Intriguing? Fascinating? Creepy?

You can watch the promo video here and then tell me what you think.


4 thoughts on “Swallowable Parfum – The Ultimate in Customization

  1. Honestly? This seems kind of gross. Even the video was sort of distasteful – as far as the oily drops of whatever they were showing :/ I’m sure I’ll change my mind when everyone else is doing it…but for now I’m a little weirded out!

    • I agree with you, Cassie. It made me go “eww”, too. And I can’t help thinking that sometimes you might not want to smell like perfume or whatever, but you’re kind of stuck with it until it wears off. Wears out? Wears through? Ugh.

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