Turn Soap Scraps into a Party!

I posted recently about one way to use up your soap scraps instead of letting them go to waste. That method requires that you have some good-sized pieces for cutting out geometric shapes.

But what if you don’t have that? If you’re like a lot of soapmakers, you may have a collection of little shavings left over from beveling the corners of your soap bars. Or maybe you have some of those skinny little bars that are always leftover at the end of a soap log.

Turn those scraps into fun bars of confetti soap!

Just gather up your leftovers.

I keep my extra bits of soap from other projects in plastic bags. This way they stay fresh and soft longer, making it easier to shred or mold.

Next shred them up. If you already have the shreds from beveling, you’re ahead of the game!

You can use a cheese grater to shred your soap. Have a lot to shred? Use a food processor or "Salad Shooter".

Now drop the shreds into a new batch of soap. How much to add is really up to you.

Here I am adding the shreds to a small batch.

When sliced, the bars look like they have little bits of confetti floating in them!

It was only at this point that I noticed how "Christmasy" these colors are!

This technique works with so many different color combinations and designs. Even little chunks of soap instead of shreds! Here are some other really cute examples.

from the flickr collection of youstinksoap

from the Majestic Mountain Sage blog

from the flickr collection of HeatherRai

Do you have any “party bars”? I’d love to see them! Just include a link in your comment below. And if you don’t have any confetti bars yet, you should make some soon! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Turn Soap Scraps into a Party!

    • Ha! That’s so funny that we have been thinking about the same thing. I like how you did the shreds in the first batch, placing them in the mold and pouring over them. I’ve never tried that but I will next time. Thanks for sharing your posts!

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