Redemption of the Soy Milk Soap

Success is the greatest revenge.
-author unknown

Aha! I refused to let this soy milk soap get the better of me. It may have separated on me before, but I would not let that stand. And so I tried it again (with the first soy milk brand, which gave me no trouble in a small batch) and it worked like a charm.

So there, soy milk!

Soy milk soap

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!  Smooth, creamy soap goodness. The pale orange color comes from the essential oil blend that I used to scent it: orange and ylang ylang. Mmm…heaven.

12 thoughts on “Redemption of the Soy Milk Soap

  1. Beautiful color! Will the color fade? I did one batch with fruit juice (orange/carrot/celery) few months ago, the original color turn from orange to very light apricot after 2 months. Now the color is almost completely gone.

  2. Don’t you just love the smoothness of the soy milk soap?! I hate it when color fades, which unfortunately happens to a lot of natural colorants. But my carrot soaps never fades, the color just deepens (more earthy or muted) through time.

    • That’s good to hear about your carrot soap. That’s been my experience, too. Maybe Jessie juice combo just needs more carrot. Now I hope the scent doesn’t fade. It’s lovely.

  3. Will try to use only carrot juice 🙂
    Oh talking about the scent, I do notice EO scent fades too, let’s say 6 months…. Is it the nature of essential oil?

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for the kind words. Re: the blog comment: I believe that is how Amy (the owner of Great Cakes Soapworks Blog) has set up her blog. It’s probably a WordPress widget. I’m sure Amy can tell you exactly.

      • I came here to comment on your soy milk soap, which turned out so lovely, and was surprised to find a convo about me! Yes, it’s a plug-in called CommentLuv. I’m not sure if it is WordPress specific – it’s been a few years since I installed it!

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