Ready for 2 New Classes!

I’ve been super busy lately getting ready for not one, but TWO brand-new classes at The Nova Studio tomorrow. In the morning I’ll be teaching how to make soap with milk. And in the afternoon it’s going to be soapmaking with other kinds of liquids, like juices and beer. I have the car all packed up and I’m so excited to get started!

Both classes are sold out so I’m sure that it’ll be a lot of fun with the Studio full of soapmakers. I’ll be demonstrating 6 different kinds of soap in the course of the whole day. It’s going to be a soap marathon, and I’ll have to keep a good pace to get it all done in time!

These are the soaps that I made ahead of time and that the students will be taking home with them. From left to right, they are: goat milk soap, coconut milk soap, soy milk soap (the color comes from the orange essential oil that is scenting that batch), coffee soap, tomato & carrot juice soap, and beer soap.

I have my camera packed, too. So I hope to share with you some photos of the day. That’s probably the only thing I’ll have the energy for on Sunday! šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Ready for 2 New Classes!

  1. Wow Ruth, you continue to impress me. Your classes yesterday went so smoothly. You covered everything you wanted to cover & still had time left over. Excellent job. I know the students all loved it šŸ™‚ and I can’t wait to try the soaps!!

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