Making Soap with Milk and other Alternative Liquids

As promised, here is a little peek into yesterday’s new classes that I taught. I am always impressed with not only the quality of students that come to The Nova Studio, but also how far they have to travel to come and learn all about making their own bath and body products. Yesterday’s students came from all over California, Arizona, Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Hampshire and Mexico! I demonstrated how to use liquids besides water to make cold process soap. I covered using all kinds of milks, juices, beer & wine, and coffee & teas.

While it’s true that I was teaching them something new, they were also so willing to share their knowledge with me and each other. There was a lot of soapmaking wisdom in that room!

In goes the beer/lye to mix with the oils.

Beer soap gets poured into the mold. It was a lovely butterscotch color.

I also made soap with tomato and carrot juice.

This is the trickiest part of the class: pouring the tomato and carrot juice soaps at the same time!

Here are the soaps that the students took home with them: made with beer, coffee and carrot & tomato juices.

Besides the soaps that the students took home, I brought in some other kinds of soaps that were left unscented to pass around. The oatmeal stout one was the favorite by far!

Is this your idea of fun, too? I’ll be teaching these two classes again in 2012. You can read more details about the whole 2-Day Soapmaking Boot Camp Part II and register on The Nova Studio website.


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