Faux Funnel Fruitopia!

And here are the bars from my first Faux Funnel pour. I am SO happy with them. I love when each bar is unique but beautiful. And this is the kind of design that will change as the bar is being used and new layers are revealed. Bonus!

These bars were cut not in the usual way, like a loaf of bread. They were cut horizontally. Here’s how that works:

Here’s the whole loaf, along with my miter box, wire cutter (a hacksaw with a guitar string instead of a blade) and my ruler. I marked the soap log so that I could cut chunks of the log the width of a bar of soap, about 2 and 1/8 inches.

Here is my first chunk. You can get a peek at what the bars would have looked like if I had cut them vertically. Not bad, but I wanted something different.

Next I flipped over the chunk, so that my cut surface is facing up, and sliced it down the middle.

And there you have them, two bars per chunk. These bars will be available on the Sirona Springs website in about 4 weeks. I’ve decided to call them “Fruitopia”. (Attention “Fruity Bits” fans: this is the same scent and will be replacing that bar in the collection.)

I can’t wait to try this with other color combinations. The bright colors really work for this fruity scent, but I can see using shades of the same color for a more subdued scent. Or just 2 contrasting colors for a really dramatic look. In any case, I’ll definitely be doing this again!


12 thoughts on “Faux Funnel Fruitopia!

  1. WOW, beautiful Ruth! I LOVE those colors, I’m sure they go perfectly with the scent. Too bad you didn’t have those for show & tell at yesterday’s Indie Meeting. That might be a fun technique to do in your advanced class, and you can have several students help pour! 🙂

  2. Very beautiful!
    As I also said on the Dish, I call this the lazy funnel swirl 😉

    Tip: for an even more surprising result, you could give it a swirl with a chopstick after the pour. In case you’d like to see a sample, made in 2009 http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Foto-E7TUVWWM-D.jpg

    Love your blog 🙂
    best regards
    Corry, aka Eucalypta

  3. Hi Ruth – enjoying your blog and I love the look of your soap and the idea of cutting it a different way! WOW, clever!
    But I am also in love with your soap mold…would you mind sharing where you got it? I’m getting a bit tired of folding freezer paper…best,

    • Hi, Merilyn. I bought those from Upland Soap Works a few years ago. Unfortunately, they have shut down since then. Another source of similar molds is http://www.woodfieldswood.com/. I haven’t ordered from there, but I’ve read only good things about their molds and service. I love my silicone-lined molds!

  4. Another great post, Ruth! If it seem like I’m stalking your website, YES, I am! 😉 One question if you don’t mind me asking: how did you attach the guitar string to the hack saw? I can’t really tell from the photo.

    • So glad you’re enjoying my blog, Janie! Stalk away! 🙂 The hacksaw has little “hooks” where the blade is supposed to attach. I used those and wrapped the guitar string around them, twisting the ends like you do with a twist tie on a bread bag. Hope that helps!

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