New home for Mianra soap

While the globe-trotting box of soap wings its way to France, I have been thoroughly enjoying my Mianra bar here at home.

It’s obviously a beautiful bar of soap, and just the right size for my not-very-big hands. But that’s not the only reason I was drawn to it.

One of the main reasons that I chose this bar was to try out a soap that includes silk in its ingredients. I have noticed other soapmakers including silk in their soap, and so I was anxious to give it a try.

As expected, the lather was easy to conjure up, with a smoothness and, well… silkiness that made it a pleasure to spread and easy to rinse off. And the addition of just a bit of poppy seeds gives just the right amount of exfoliation without feeling like punishment. Invigorating, really.

This bar was called “Ginger and Lime”, but it’s definitely not all citrus and spicy ginger. There is a hint of some tropical floral that rounds out the fragrance nicely. Not too girly, just refreshing.

So I’d say my Mianra bar is settling into its new home very nicely. Many thanks to Hajni for sharing it!


One thought on “New home for Mianra soap

  1. You are very welcome :)!!!! I just noticed your post and I’m chuffed you’re enjoying the lather! It is a gorgeous fragrance- as you say somewhat floral and powdery!

    Thank You for the lovely feedback : Hajni

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