Some very (magnetically) attractive soap!

Chemistry researchers at Bristol University in the UK have figured out how to make soap magnetic. Now, I’ve never personally considered doing this. And it turns out that it wasn’t immediately apparent how to do it. But now it’s been done.

And so what do you do with magnetic soap? Well, one of the exciting possibilities is using it to clean up oil spills.

Curious? Here’s a good explanation, including an interview with one of the scientists.

And then see for yourself the magnetic soap doing its magnetic thing. The soap on the right is the magnetized one, and you can see it sticking to the magnet as it lifts up.

7 thoughts on “Some very (magnetically) attractive soap!

    • No, Pam. It’s iron molecules attached to one end of each soap molecule. That way it becomes magnetic. So the soap can do its thing surrounding the oils, and then the magnet can come along and pick up the whole mixture. That’s the theory, anyway.

  1. I can’t believe the awesome ideas people keep coming up with! Looking forward to seeing this soap in action.

    How about makimg a magnetic soap that will stick to metal tub and sink sides? No need for soap dishes! :p

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