Double Duty Soap

As if soap weren’t useful enough…

image credit: Amron Experimental, Inc.

Designer Scott Amron has come up with a product that does double duty: fruit labels that become fruit SOAP!

While I’m sure those little stickers on apples and pears and bananas help speed me through the check-out line faster (as the cashier can quickly tell from the PLU how much to charge me), they are just a nuisance at home. If I can even get the little thing off, it will leave a bit of glue residue behind.

It’s kind of ironic to have glue on my organic apple.

Fruitwash Labels take care of that by doing everything that regular fruit labels do, but then becoming organic fruit soap when you go to wash your apple (or pear or banana – wait, not banana).

Don’t want to remove traces of pesticides and bacteria from your fruit? (Hey, I don’t judge.) Then just peel it off like a regular fruit sticker and you’re good to go.

And if you have a bit of spare change in your pocket, the designer is looking for investors …hmm.

8 thoughts on “Double Duty Soap

  1. Very good idea! If you must have stickers (NOT at the farmers market), then these are the way to go! Very cool. I hope to see one at my grocery soon.

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