Take a class. Get some soap!

When I teach my Cold Process Soapmaking 101 class for beginners, I always demonstrate the whole process. As I’m talking, I’m making a batch of soap. Then at the end of class they get a bar of the same kind of soap, but which was made the last time I taught that class.

So I recently cut the batch that I made last Saturday. These bars will go home with the next group of students taking this class next month.

Citrus Mint soap made at The Nova Studio

Citrus Mint CP soap

I also demonstrate what it looks like to cut a batch of soap. To do that I make some a couple days BEFORE class so that it’s ready to cut on class day. That’s what this batch was for.

Scented with rosemary and lavender. This batch is layered (lavender and white) with a bonus swirl on top.

Students love taking home a bar that they can watch and sniff and feel as it cures.

A lot of preparation goes into teaching soapmaking, but it’s all worth it when I see how excited the students are to take home their goodies!


6 thoughts on “Take a class. Get some soap!

  1. I loved taking home the bars of soap at the end of the class! It was fun to cure it myself & at least I had the other fully-cured bar to use while I waited! None of my soap has turned out quite as cute as the bars you made us that I took home, but I’m learning! 😉

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m teaching a basic cp soap class at my local community college and they want a hands on class. I am terrified! There is precious little information on teaching soap making. Your soap top is beautiful!

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