Get your lips in shape for the summer!

Quick! A trivia question:

Which fruit grows on the trunk of a tree, and gives seeds that can be used in everything from soap to dessert?

It’s cocoa!

Inside each fruit of a cocoa tree is 20-50 “beans” that are fermented, dried and then ground up to give us cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Most often you’ll find these in chocolate and other yummy foods.

But it’s that last one, cocoa butter, that goes into my creamy lip balm. Available in 5 yummy flavors, Sirona Springs Handmade Lip Balm isn’t just for the ski slopes. It’s perfect for the summer, too!

  • Spending more time outdoors? Glide some of my smooth lip balm on your lips before the wind whips them red and sore.
  • Kicking back and enjoying some vaca? Napping in hammocks is one of the top causes of dry lips! (Not really, but your lips deserve a break, too.)
  • Looking for a treat that will keep you looking good in your swimsuit? A swipe of our Chocolate Truffle or Toasted Coconut Lip Balm will satisfy your craving, without the calories.

Pick your favorite flavor, or choose a Lip Balm Trio and always have a tube handy this summer!


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