Keeping my soapmaking organized: my tool bucket

Since I don’t have a dedicated soaping area (outside of my kitchen), I have to be very careful about organization and space. One of my favorite space and time savers is my tool bucket.

I use it to hold all the tools that I need for every batch of soap: stick blender, silicone spatulas, mixing spoons. The bucket lives in my closet right next to my oils and scale, and I just carry it over to my counter when I feel like making some soap. Everything is organized and at hand. And it’s super easy to take it to The Nova Studio on those days when I’m teaching a class. If I have my bucket, I know I have all my tools!

I went even further organizing inside the bucket and stuck in a 2-cup glass measuring cup. That holds the littlest tools: measuring spoons, little whisks, thermometers, plastic spoons.

After making a batch of soap, I clean up and throw all the tools right back in my tool bucket. I love that I have everything ready to satisfy that urge to make soap at a moment’s notice! 🙂

What do you do to make your soapmaking (or any crafting) more organized?


12 thoughts on “Keeping my soapmaking organized: my tool bucket

  1. Hi Ruth,

    I’ve dedicated my nook to soaping. This is an organizing summer for me also. I found that I bought duplicate things because I had misplaced the original OHM!

    Great idea of a bucket for all the tools, no loosing time searching for that favorite gadget!

  2. Wonderful Idea.. I live in an apartment and have to put everything in my bucket as well. I also have a plastic bin to put my Raffia and paper in and store it in my closet.. Just grab and go!!

  3. The bucket is a great idea, Ruth! And the measuring cup inside the bucket is great for the small odds and ends. I have two big wire shelving units and a few stackable carts/drawers for all of my soaping stuff. I have to drag my supplies from the office to the kitchen, too, but at least all of my soaping stuff is in one area. I have some dishpans and I try to keep most of my soaping spoons, spatulas, pitchers, and equipment in there.

    • Thanks, Jenny! When I started getting serious about my soap I installed some Elfa shelving in my kitchen closet, and moved a wire shelving unit I already had into the office closet. You can never have too much shelving! 🙂

  4. You can truly make wonderful and beautiful anywhere!! I live in a small one bedroom coming from a 2000 sq, and I thought, there is no way I can do this.. But, It has worked for almost a year now..I enjoy it even better, I have everything with in arms reach…:)

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