Honey Bee Mine on the curing rack!

I guess you can call it a “labor of love”. It takes some planning (and an extra day!) to make every batch of Honey Bee Mine. But I think it’s worth it.

Day 1 is for making the little hearts that will go into each bar. I make up the red soap and pour it into my heart molds.

The next day I unmold the hearts and cut out some extra tiny hearts. All of these get embedded in a new batch of soap made with the heavenly scent of Honey Bee Mine. It’s a little sweet, a little floral, a little light musk… overall, I find it…. comforting.

My latest batch of Honey Bee Mine will be ready to comfort you in mid-August.


8 thoughts on “Honey Bee Mine on the curing rack!

  1. The Honey Bee Mine soap is super-cute and well worth the extra effort. I tend to shy away from embeds myself because of the extra work involved, but I may have to give it a go someday since the effect is so neat!

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