No more boring soap!

Soapmakers are rarely ever satisfied with run-of-the-mill soap. We often want to make it snazzy, eye-catching, or at least a bit prettier.

As part of the 2-Day Soapmaking Boot Camp at The Nova Studio, I teach a class in soap design: swirls, layers, texture… it’s a full day of soapmaking artistry! (Can you tell I love what I do? πŸ˜‰ )

Here’s what I made to demonstrate various design techniques in last weekend’s class. Then, about a week or so after class, I send each student a bar of soap from each batch that I made in front of them. (The ladies at the post office always comment on my nice-smelling mail on that day.)

Students come from all over to learn at The Nova Studio. In my class we had students from Washington state, North Carolina, Colorado, all over California and even Canada and Trinidad. And soon, all these soaps will be heading out there, too. Bon voyage, little bars!


16 thoughts on “No more boring soap!

  1. Wow, gorgeous soaps, Ruth! I love the orange and purple mantra swirl, and the green swirly bars! The classes sound like so much fun. Maybe someday …

  2. So very nice. Each one is art work in my mind! I have a question about the green funnel swirl log. Is there ash on the top of this soap? If so what do you believe caused it? Thanks Ruth!

    • Hi Pam! Yes that is ash on top of the funnel swirl soaps. You can see it also on the bars that are stacked up, showing off all the different textures. I’m not sure anyone really knows why ash forms. I find that it’s definitely air dependent; if I cover my soaps with plastic wrap directly touching the soap (and so blocking out air) it prevents ash. Also, ungelled soaps tend to get more ash. And soap made with some EOs and FOs will result in more ash than others. That’s all I can tell you, though.

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