My favorite monthly creation

Creating something can be so rewarding all by itself. But when I create something that is also practical (like soap!), that feels extra good.

That’s why I signed up to receive a monthly paper toy calendar from Scout Creative. Every month the talented folks at Scout Creative design a paper toy that I can print out and put together. A little cutting, a little gluing and pretty soon I have a fun, colorful paper toy that also helps me remember what day it is!

Here’s my August calendar sitting on my desk at work:

The camera angle makes it seem huge. But it’s really only about 5 inches tall, including the umbrella.

I like to use paper that is slightly thicker than regular printer paper. HP makes something called Presentation Paper that I use to print out my paper soap labels. So I always have some of that around. And I’ll often use double-sided tape instead of glue so I don’t have to wait for glue to dry, or get wrinkles.

Some people might see these and think it’s not worth the trouble (I know, can you believe that?). But when I take the time to focus on just making my little calendar, it’s like a little escape from the everyday. With a prize at the end!

Update: Scout Creative has now handed over the monthly paper project to Foto Crush. Sign up here to get the Crush of the Month project. Sometimes it’s a calendar, sometimes something else. Go get your own little prize!


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