Raspberry Cream – Not new, but improved

Lately, I’ve been traveling in a soap rut. Getting bored with the old soaps. The ones that have been with me from the start. They’re not bad, just…. the same.

Time to shake things up and get excited about the new!

Presenting, “Raspberry Cream – The Next Generation”. (Ah, geek alert!)

I didn’t honestly realize how bored I was with the old version until I unmolded this one. Much better.

Wondering what inspired me? This tutorial by Emily Shieh of Soap & Restless Blog. She makes it amazingly simple.

These will be ready in about 3 more weeks. And then I’ll take new photos of them and try to get them up on the Sirona Springs shop ASAP.

I’m pleased with the new design. How about you?

16 thoughts on “Raspberry Cream – Not new, but improved

  1. Lovely bars, Ruth. Thank you, as always, for sharing your ideas with our soapy community and thank you for crediting the source of your inspiration. I hadn’t discovered Emily but delighted in viewing her tutorial and looking over her work. You’re both inspiring! Brett

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