Latest restocks!

There are two favorites returning to the Sirona Springs online store this week!

The first has been gone for a while, but I was inspired to bring it back with a twist.

Check out Chocolate Espresso, with a new topping that looks like you could just stick your finger in and scoop it into your mouth. It smells dark and chocolate-y with a hint of coffee. Use it as your “pre-coffee” morning jolt!


The other returning favorite looks nothing like it used to, so I’ll forgive you if you don’t remember it.

Introducing Tonic, with a refreshing scent that blends lime, verbena, coriander and cypress. It will pep you right up!

(Limewood fans: rejoice! Tonic has the same scent, with a different look.)

Either way, these soaps are two great ways to get you going in the morning!


7 thoughts on “Latest restocks!

  1. Nice soap Ruth! How do you make chocolate soap without it running color in the shower? I love to make it but don’t sell it for that reason. It is my soaping woe. Haha

    • Jenny, the soap turns brown from the presence of vanilla in the fragrance. I don’t have to use any colorant to get that nice chocolate brown. It makes a slightly darker lather, but I guess most folks don’t mind.

      • Ruth now that is just too cool. Guess I will have to try a different FO. mine does not get that dark. Absolutely love the look. Thanks!

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